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TUNA Sağlık Ürünleri San. İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. is a modern Turkish company with its roots in both Asia and Turkey.

We believe that health is important to a good life, and the people of Turkey deserve the best of health that the world has to offer.
Good health is also holistic-it covers physical well-being as well as mental, and emcompasses beauty and wellness.

TUNA’s eyes on healthcare and beauty stretch far beyond the Bosphorus .

We strive to bring to Turkey some of the newest thinking and products in healthcare from around the world to help people regain and maintain a balanced, healthy life. Some of our products may be new to Turkey, but their origins have been in existence for hundreds of years as traditional herbal cures in other cultures, particularly in Asia.

We especially endeavour to unlock and capture the secrets of the traditional health, beauty and youth of Asia and transfer this to benefit our customers in Turkey. And with our unique heritage straddling both Asia and Europe, we are well positioned to not only understand the mysteries of the Asian heritage but also translate this to make it relevant for Turkey.

Whether from modern innovations of the ancient secrets of the Far East or the more recent discoveries of the Western world, we believe that natural health can benefit all, and everyone deserves an opportunity to have access to these benefits.



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